Monday, May 4, 2015

Rama would never force himself on Sita!

 The position of the Modi government to cite religious beliefs and mindset of society to treat marriage as a sacrament as a reason to not introduce punishment is simplistic and travesty of that very sacrament.

In our legends, it is strongly implied Sita would honor a Rama who makes love to her at moments of mutual passion, rather than a Ravana who would force himself. And for all sects and castes out of the so-called twice born castes, there is absolutely no expectation of sexual subjugation of the wife.

Coming to current legal protections, while the domestic violence Act of 2005 does extend protection to women from all forms of abuse including sexual at the hands of husband, it is primarily punitive and does not foster good behavior on behalf of husbands in building a healthy sexual relationship or to build a strong family. The government's position seemingly does not distinguish between civilized husbands who love and cherish their wives and brutes who  harm theirs and does not promote or glorify the behavior of the former as an ideal for the society.

If the government rejects comparison with other countries on the basis that societal institutions such as marriages and families there are not quite given the same importance there as in India, then surely it should be working to strengthen those institutions! Interpreting religious beliefs erroneously and not supporting 'decent' husbands is not a step in that direction.

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