Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cell phones - cancer risk

Finally mainstream media across the world has highlighted the WHO report about cell phones and cancer risk. There are several technical solutions out there some of which I have been using for a long time:
1. Speakerphone - If your phone has a speakerphone, that is probably most convenient and easy to use.
2. Handsfree microphone cable - Always comes with the phone, inexpensive and easy to use.
3. Bluetooth headset - Common and popular especially among technophiles. But I wonder if using them also involves any long term risk since it is closer to the ear and is used pretty much all the time. The one I used broke sometime back. Maybe that actually was a good thing :).

And in terms of usage, it is best to avoid using cellphone in areas where signal bars are few (less signal means the cell phone has to transmit harder to get to the tower) - elevators, rural areas or between tall buildings etc.And for parents concerned about children, definitely a good idea to stop your children from using the phone close to the ear as their developing brains are likely to be more sensitive to radiation.