Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anna Hazare and the idea of India

 Corruption is around us and we see, hear about it frequently. Most urban educated Indians seem to value time over money and choose to ignore it as a reality of life that cannot be changed. And yet the movement touched a nerve and brought the topic into daily discussion. Several young professionals have pledged to do their part in forging alternative paths. Many more people are informed about their rights, options to avoid getting into the trap and the government was forced to acknowledge this. Discussion against corruption has entered public discourse and this has led to a far better informed populace.

Also, let us consider the example this movement has set for peasants in Jharkhand or students and workers in northeast. One may not agree with the specific methods adopted by the Anna team but by any definition, it has been non-violent. And that presents a very strong alternative to the gun culture that pervades change movements there.
In 47 years, this forced the first attempt to actually pass a Lokpal bill through the parliament.

Anna Hazare's movement is an affirmation of Indian democracy and power of people at work. It maybe an imperfect system but it is one that people care about improving and being part of. And thus it bolsters the idea of modern India.